Kamila Worobiej & Marcin Bociński

During a road-trip across Poland in 2016 we came across a field full of scarecrows. It was only natural to take a photo of it but at that moment we had no idea what we were really dealing with.
When we got home and developed the negative, a magical world unfurled before our eyes. We saw dreamlike creatures, enthralling with their shape, color and form. They stared at us, each one in its unique way, as if they had never seen people with a camera. We tried to guess their names, learn their characters, find out who or what they were waiting for.
That is how we and the scarecrows embarked on an adventure, the aim of which is to release a great photography book of scarecrows.

camera - Mamiya RB67 ProS
negative - Fuji PRO160S