Mixing and mastering in our studio is done by Marcin Bocinski, a sound engineer with 20 years of experience. He learned everything related to sound from Jacek Zlotkowski (Czeslaw Niemen, Marek Grechuta, Red Guitars, Maryla Rodowicz and others) and mastering from one of the most successful sound engineers in the world, Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Beastie Boys, Bjork, Gorillaz, 21 Grammy awards) at his studio in Hollywood, CA.
From the speakers in our studio sounded: Boguslaw Schaeffer's experiments, Tadeusz Różewicz's poetry as interpreted by Edyta Bartosiewicz, Swedish country music, piano-ambient from Seoul, SKA from Patagonia, indie rock from Chile, film music from Los Angeles, remixes by Ben Frost, electronica from Mexico, pop from Turkey, trip hop from the Republic of Karelia, Leszek Możdżer with Holland Baroque, Michal Jacaszek's Treny, Piotr Damasiewicz's trumpet, Mikołaj Trzaska's clarinet, guys from Pin Park playing Synthi 100 and Roland System 700, Eugeniusz Rudnik's archival tapes from Polish Radio Experimental Studio, various jazz subgenres from Bydgoszcz and more, but it's impossible to list everything.

studio equipment

Our mastering chain comprises modern, high-end mastering equipment, including - 

  • SVEDA AUDIO DAPO with WOMBAT subwoofers - custom, full range monitoring system
  • SVEDA AUDIO "auratone" type pasive monitors
  • TANNOY SYSTEM 600 active - studio monitors
  • LYNX HILO - reference ad/da converter system
  • SPL PQ - parametric mastering equalizer, 120V DC audio rail
  • SPL IRON - vari mu mastering compressor - 120V DC audio rail
  • DANGEROUS BAX EQ - ultra transparent analog equalizer with shelves and hi/lo cut filters
  • DANGEROUS COMPRESSOR - ultra transparent analog VCA mastering compressor
  • CRANE SONG STC-8 - Discrete Class A mastering compressor / limiter
  • ZSYS Z-QUALIZER - classic digital mastering equalizer
  • YAMAHA S-REV 1 - high-end sampling reverb system
  • TASCAM DA-45 - 24bit DAT deck
  •  TASCAM 122mk3 - analog cassette deck
  • REVOX PR99mk3 - 1/4 inch tape machine + DBX type I noise reduction
  • Software: Pro Tools 12, Cubase Pro 12, WaveLab Pro 11, Izotope RX9 & Ozone 9, selected plugins by FabFilter, Sonnox, Oeksound, Sonible and Metric Halo 


Legatomastering.pl is an Apple Digital Masters certified studio. By sending us your music for mastering, you can be sure that the final product will meet the highest Apple quality standards for music streaming. We're also certified for MQA Ltd so I can prepare the MQA files for Tidal Masters. 

We accept wave and aiff files, 24bit/44.1khz and higher resolutions, 1/4inch tapes, DAT and analog cassettes.
Output formats include - cd master, ddp master, 16/24bit wave and flac files, compressed formats on request. I can also prepare a vinyl ready files for cutting.
Clients receive a DDP master with reference player and a set of 24bit mastered tracks.